AC/DC Power Trip Performance Video Is Here – Don’t Miss Out

AC/DC Power Trip Performance Video Is Here – Don’t Miss Out | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The YouTube channel, riff raff, has generously shared a multi-camera fan-filmed video capturing AC/DC’s electrifying performance at the Power Trip festival in Indio, California, marking their return to the stage after a seven-year hiatus. The legendary hard rockers delivered a powerhouse 24-song set on the second day of the three-day event held at the Empire Polo Club.

AC/DC kicked off their performance with a surprising choice, opening with “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It).” The setlist featured live debuts for two tracks from their 2020 album “Power Up” – “Demon Fire” and “Shot In The Dark.”

The video, uploaded by the riff raff channel, provides a front-row seat to the legendary band’s performance, capturing the energy and excitement of the long-awaited return.

The song list includes classics such as “Back In Black,” “Thunderstruck,” “Highway To Hell,” and the iconic “Whole Lotta Rosie.”

Notably, drummer Matt Laug joined AC/DC for this performance, stepping in for the band’s longtime drummer Phil Rudd. AC/DC did not provide an official explanation for Rudd’s absence. Laug, a 55-year-old American drummer, has an impressive resume, having played with artists like Alanis Morissette, Alice Cooper, SLASH’S SNAKEPIT, and Vasco Rossi.

In a statement about Laug’s inclusion, AC/DC did not delve into the reasons for Phil Rudd’s absence, leaving fans curious about the drummer switch. Rudd had previously rejoined AC/DC for the recording of their comeback album, “Power Up,” released in November 2020.

Rudd’s absence from the lineup for this performance might raise questions among fans, given his significant role in the band’s history. The drummer was sidelined in 2015 due to legal issues, leading to his replacement by Chris Slade for the “Rock Or Bust” tour. Rudd’s return was part of the band’s resurgence, with Angus Young mentioning that the seed for Rudd’s comeback was planted at the funeral of AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young in 2017.


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Angus Young and Phil Rudd had a conversation at Malcolm Young’s funeral, leading to Rudd’s return for the “Rock Or Bust” record.

According to Rudd, Angus asked him if he was up for recording a new AC/DC album, to which he agreed. This marked the beginning of Rudd’s return to the band, bringing stability to the lineup.

AC/DC fans can now relive the Power Trip festival performance through this fan-filmed video, capturing the essence of the band’s live energy and showcasing their timeless classics. The video provides a front-row perspective on the iconic group’s stage presence and the electrifying atmosphere that surrounded their return to live performances.

“Angus and I had a good chat at Mal’s funeral and caught up,” Rudd recalled. “[After I played on the ‘Rock Or Bust’ record] there was crazy shit going on, but since then, I’d got my shit together and put a little band together, I went to Europe and was doing a bit of playing and stuff and did [a solo] album. The guys knew I was still playing, so when I caught up with Angus at the funeral, we were sort of chatting away and somehow, he just sort of [asked me] if I was up for [doing a new AC/DC] album. And he started writing the next day. He went in the studio and started writing straight away.”

“[Phil] was there and in good shape,” the guitarist said. “He was keeping himself well together. He was getting therapy and sorting himself out. It was really good.”

“I speak for all the boys with Phil,” Johnson said. “We defend Phil to the hilt. What happened up there, that’s not the Phil we know. That was just something else. He’s really looking brilliant now and doing everything great.”

AC/DC’s triumphant return to the stage featured a powerful performance that spanned their iconic catalog, leaving fans eager for more from these rock legends. The video captures the essence of AC/DC’s live experience, showcasing their enduring energy and musical prowess.

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