Orianthi’s ‘Voodoo Child’ Solo Goes Hard

Orianthi’s ‘Voodoo Child’ Solo Goes Hard | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via SilentDarkDrummer YouTube

She’s Got The Chops!

Orianthi is not your average guitarist and shredder. And we love how she can shock and leave you in awe all in the space of seconds. That’s pure, raw talent. She takes her craft seriously and has already earned the respect of so many big names in the music industry. And she is fearless. Just take this cover version for example. This may not be her best performance but it’s still a pretty good rendition. Also, let’s just take a moment to simply appreciate how well she plays the guitar. I mean, Michael Jackson wouldn’t personally handpicked her if she doesn’t do an amazing job right?

Love how she’s totally into the music and even added her own ‘feel’ to it. Sure, it’s no Jimi Hendrix but that’s what covers are right? You add your own spice to it. Keep ’em coming, Orianthi. We’d love to hear more from you! 🙂