She Covers Metallica’s “One” And Nails The Solo!

She Covers Metallica’s “One” And Nails The Solo! | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Cizzie YouTube

All She Needs Now Is A Band

To be honest, I do have a bit of a bias. Anyone who likes Metallica’s ‘One’ will definitely land on my friends’ list. But if they make their own cover, oh boy, they’ll shoot right up there with my top 5 most favorite people. Lol. Anyway, this rock chick has excellent picking but the solo really got to me. It’s no easy piece, by the way. Sure, she manages to make it look like it’s a piece of cake but Kirk Hammett will tell you it’s not. Gotta love her killer tunes, it may not be perfect, but who cares? Cizzie did a brilliant job and her hard work is evident and well, it’s paying off.

She played it her way and it’s awesome. And yes, she’s definitely having fun. What an inspiration. Alright, be right back. Need to learn how to do this ASAP. 🙂