One Hell Of A Story and a Hidden Talent by Alice Cooper Everybody!

One Hell Of A Story and a Hidden Talent by Alice Cooper Everybody! | I Love Classic Rock Videos

If you haven’t seen the headlines, Jimmy Kimmel is out for the week on his show because his son’s second heart surgery had to be postponed this week due to a common cold. So this week, Jimmy Kimmel Live will feature guest hosts. Shaquille O’Neal will host Monday night, followed by Dave Grohl on Tuesday, Channing Tatum on Wednesday, Jennifer Lawrence on Thursday. Awesome line up right?

Halloween night and it’s Dave Grohl’s turn to host the show and he came dressed up as David Letterman and Alice Cooper was one of his guests. The interview started as Dave admired the situation that he is interviewing Alice Cooper wearing a David Letterman costume for Halloween and he then described his nightmare involving Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper was on the show promoting his new album “Paranormal.” Since Alice Cooper just got back from New Zealand, Dave asked him if he has any pre-show rituals.

“Every lead singer I know has got some weird idiosyncrasy. Roger Daltry fly fishes, in his room. Peter Frampton irons. We used to throw all our clothes in to his pressing room. I throw knives.”

Then Dave asked about his New Album “Paranormal” and if Alice has any paranormal experiences and he told maybe one of the most chilling stories that can ever happen to anyone. Funny but sure is spooky.

Watch the clip below!