Nikki Sixx Stalker Sentenced To 300 Days In Jail

Nikki Sixx Stalker Sentenced To 300 Days In Jail | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Nikki Sixx in an interview for The Dirt - BUILD Series / Youtube

It’s been a worrying time for Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx and his family. They’ve been enduring the ordeal of a stalker case, with the perpetrator making alarming threats and even venturing into their home.

However, some long-awaited justice has finally arrived.

Sixx took to Twitter recently to share positive news with his fans. In a triumphant message, he confirmed that the stalker who terrorized him and his family has been sentenced to 300 days in jail. This comes as a significant relief after a period of uncertainty and fear.

“It’s been a long road that ends right now”

Sixx shared his thoughts on the situation via Twitter, writing, “Stalker #1 was just sentenced to 300 days in jail.” While acknowledging the legal outcome, he expressed the emotional toll the ordeal took.

“It doesn’t erase all the tears my sweet wife cried worrying about our daughter’s safety though,” he continued, highlighting the lasting impact on his family. Sixx concluded, “This stalker began to go after my wife 8 years ago. It’s been a long road that ends right now.”

The bassist opened up about the stalking incidents last November 2023 after a worrying encounter with one of the stalkers.

Nikki Sixx also had a lighthearted exchange with fans

In a lighter exchange on Twitter, Sixx interacted with fans beyond the news of the stalker case. 

When a fan inquired about his personal favorite Mötley Crüe album, Sixx sidestepped choosing one, instead acknowledging the significance of each album in the band’s history. He replied, “Not really. They all have a special place in the band’s history.”

The conversation extended to music beyond Mötley Crüe. When another fan asked about the most impressive bass guitarist he’s seen live, Sixx offered his admiration for a fellow musician. He named Tom Hamilton as the best bass guitarist he had witnessed in a live performance.