Dolly Parton Is Breaking Charts With A Rap Song

Dolly Parton Is Breaking Charts With A Rap Song | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Country music legend Dolly Parton is no stranger to pushing boundaries.

After venturing into rock music recently, she’s now surprising fans and the industry alike with another unexpected move: rap. Parton has teamed up with renowned rapper Pitbull on the track “Powerful Women”, and the song is making a splash on the charts.

This collaboration marks a fascinating new chapter in Parton’s ever-evolving career, proving that the “Jolene” singer is always up for a challenge and unafraid to explore new musical territories.

Dolly’s first foray into the rap charts

Thanks to her new collab, Parton has landed on a surprising new chart: Billboard‘s Rap Digital Song Sales. “Powerful Women” debuted at an impressive Number 4, showcasing Parton’s ever-evolving musical journey.

This genre-bending experiment is a heartfelt tribute to the influential women in Parton’s life and career, including her late mother, Avie Lee Owens, and fellow icons Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin.

“Powerful Women” also marks a first for Parton in the territory of rapping. The track cleverly samples her classic hit “9 to 5”, weaving its familiar melody into a new and powerful anthem.

An unlikely collaboration

Pitbull took to social media to celebrate their collaboration, sharing a video of Parton’s performance and writing on X:

“Thank you, Dolly Parton… This goes out to all the powerful women out there. Daleee, Dolly!”

The collaboration has sparked a frenzy on social media, with fans expressing a mix of surprise and appreciation for Parton’s foray into rap. One enthusiastic fan declared: “That dolly parton pitbull song is single-handedly saving my life.”

In another X post, the rapper expressed his appreciation once more to the Queen of Country, saying that it was an “honor” working with “one of music’s most powerful women”.

Dolly embracing and seizing her rockstar dreams

In October 2023, while promoting her book Behind The Seams and her then-upcoming rock album Rockstar on CBS Mornings, Dolly spoke candidly about her lifelong love for rock music. Despite her deep country roots, Parton revealed a surprising connection to the genre, influenced by her husband’s passion for rock and roll.

“I’m a rock star,” she said with a laugh, acknowledging the irony. “Always loved it, but I’m from the country, and country music was my livelihood.”

Parton then shared her long-held dream of making a rock album, a dream that almost slipped away with time. “I used to think I would do a rock album someday, and then the time went on,” she confessed. “I started getting older, and I thought that’d be a joke now, but then I thought, ‘Well, timing’s everything.'”

Embracing the spirit of seizing the moment, Parton declared, “So, I decided I’m going to do that rock and roll album.”

Rock, then rap, what’s next?

And Dolly did more than just do a rock and roll album. The country icon’s foray into rock music wasn’t a solo venture. Rockstar boasted impressive collaborations with legendary musicians like Paul McCartney, Elton John, Nikki Sixx, Steve Perry, and Stevie Nicks, solidifying its rock credentials.

However, even after venturing into rock and rap, Parton isn’t ready to conquer every genre. During a chat with SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk, she humorously shut down the possibility of exploring metal music.

Recounting a conversation with the metal icon Rob Halford, who also collaborated on Rockstar,  shared her thoughts about the unlikely prospect.

Parton may have showcased recently her willingness to experiment but she has always been the queen of country.