New I Love Classic Rock Video Alert: The Top 5 Drummers Of The ’60s

New I Love Classic Rock Video Alert: The Top 5 Drummers Of The ’60s | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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For this video, we will be talking about the cream of the crop in terms of the drumming throne. While one can definitely learn how to play the instrument, it takes a certain kind of talent for one to stand out among the rest. More than just keeping time for the band, drummers are also tasked with complementing the playing styles of the other members.

Being part of the ’60s rock n’ roll scene certainly didn’t help to make the matter easier. This was the time when the genre was still feeling its way and finding its definitive form, and it was up to the hands of these talented drummers to decide the fate of rock music’s signature sound. The drummers in our list were far from just doing insane drum solos – they established the backbone of the music they were playing, added spice to their band’s creations, and even adding a certain kind of notoriety to their group in true rock n’ roll fashion.

Watch the story of our top five picks – Charlie Watts, Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, and John Bonham – all titans of the throne in their respective bands. Tune in to our page and channel for more amazing classic rock content in the future!