New Classic Rock Albums That Will Be Released In 2020

New Classic Rock Albums That Will Be Released In 2020 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ozzy for ITV news - ITV News / Youtube

For avid classic rockers, nothing beats waking up to the news of your favorite band or artist releasing new material soon enough. It’s always that giddy feeling, like a kid on Christmas day checking his stockings and running under the tree. Here are some upcoming rock albums from our beloved grit overlords this coming 2020.

Foo Fighters – To Be Announced

While there has been no news yet regarding the album title and exact release date for the band’s upcoming album, which was teased back in October, Dave Grohl’s demos confirms that the band’s 10th studio album is well on its way to completion. The Foo Fighters’ most recent record was 2017’s Concrete and Gold.

Megadeth – To Be Announced

News of the heavy metal band’s 16th studio album was teased way back in 2017, but it took until late of 2018 to actually present concrete evidence of the band working on new material, as Dave Mustaine teased a track on his Instagram account. Just this May, Mustaine announced that they have officially entered the studio to begin pre-production work. Megadeth’s most recent album is 2016’s Dystopia.

Mick Mars – To Be Announced

Motley Crue’s Mick Mars is onto something with his upcoming solo release, which he hopes to do so by early 2020. Breaking off from the band for the meantime, Mars shares that he’s teamed up with a certain vocalist named Jacob, saying “[He] can be a lot of different voices, and it’s pretty amazing. I go, ‘I want this kind of voice here,’ and he’ll pull it straight off.”

Ozzy Osbourne – Ordinary Man

Amidst his busy schedule preparing for his upcoming farewell tour, The Prince of Darkness slid in some time for a new album to be made. Title Ordinary Man, Ozzy has already unveiled two tracks from the catalog, and is joined by fellow rockers Slash, Duff McKagan, Chad Smith, and more.

Scorpions – To Be Announced

The rockers from Deutschland first teased that they were open to the idea of a new album in an interview way back in August 2018, as guitarist Rudolf Schenker suggested, saying that “We are still waiting for a moment for inspiration to do another album, like Judas Priest and Metallica did. You have to wait until the time is right.” Frontman Klaus Meine also hinted last May that “there might be a new album out in 2020.”