Neil Young Announces New Film And Live Album “Return To Greendale”

Neil Young Announces New Film And Live Album “Return To Greendale” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Neil Young live in 1985 - Farm Aid / Youtube

Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s 2003-2004 Greendale tour will be chronicled on Return To Greendale, a live album and film package that will be released on November 6. The new Young release will be available as a two-disc set or a limited edition box set with two LPs, two CDs, and a documentary called Inside Greendale, which is about the creation of the album.

Greendale is a rock opera that talks about a small town that is held in unrest due to a well-loved police officer’s death. As the story progresses, it tackles themes like corporate greed, scandal-centered media, and Bush-era propaganda. The high point comes when one of the main characters, a teenaged girl named Sun Green, heads to Alaska to fight for the environment.

Young and Crazy Horse commenced a North American tour two months before it came out and dished all ten songs of the album in sequence, with the help of a large cast of actors and dancers. Audiences weren’t sure what to think with the sudden revision of Young’s live content, even if they concluded with his classic hits.

The tour was persistent, however, staying on the road for almost a year and was slowly getting the approval of fans, which was heightened when the album was finally released. This effectively stretched out the encore portion of his shows, virtually turning into a second set.

Return To Greendale is just one of the many archival projects of the folk icon that will be released soon.  Archives Volume 2: 1972-1976, a 10-disc box set, is coming out on November 20, while the 50th-anniversary edition of After The Gold Rush, Way Down in The Rust Bucket, Carnegie Hall 1970, Road of Plenty, and Noise and Flowers, will follow it, although release dates have yet to be revealed.