Neil Peart’s Pick For Greatest Drummer Is Someone Fans Didn’t Expect

Neil Peart’s Pick For Greatest Drummer Is Someone Fans Didn’t Expect | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Who is the greatest drummer of all time? This age-old dispute has fascinated music fans for ages. While opinions differ, when iconic Rush drummer Neil Peart talks, people listen. In a 2017 interview, Peart named jazz icon Buddy Rich the best drummer of all time. Rich’s exceptional talent, showmanship, and devotion to his trade won him this highly esteemed accolade, according to Peart.

Peart’s Perspective

Peart, known for his exceptional drumming skills and songwriting abilities, admired Rich for his ability to go beyond beat-keeping and showcase the full potential of drumming. In Peart’s own words, Rich was “the greatest drummer ever to have drawn breath.” Peart also referenced legendary drummer Gene Krupa, who considered Rich to be in a league of his own, stating, “There are all the great drummers in the world—and then there’s Buddy.”

Rich’s Mastery

Rich’s brilliance was obvious from an early age. Raised in a show business family, he started playing the drums before he was two years old. His initial exposure to music and performing influenced his excellent stage presence and commitment to his trade. Peart underlined that Rich’s hands were his most outstanding gift. His inherent musicality, soloist instinct, and exceptional sense of time distinguish him from other drummers. Peart explained that researching Rich became a rite of passage for him as he learned about the jazz legend’s life and musical career.

Incomparable Virtuosity

Peart had the opportunity to pay tribute to Rich through imitation during various tribute shows. He saw firsthand the incomprehensible mix of skill, intent, and creativity that made Rich truly masterful. Rich’s drumming was like watching a painter create a masterpiece in real-time, every stroke intentional and precise. According to Peart, there may be many talented drummers who can swing and rock the sticks, but Rich’s blend of natural talent, dedication to perfection, and immense audience appreciation solidified his status as the greatest.

Rich’s passion for music began during his childhood. Raised by parents who were part of a vaudeville act, his involvement in their routine from a young age honed his sense of showmanship and dedication to the arts. As a teenager, Rich became a child star, showcasing his talents in singing, dancing, and, of course, drumming. This early exposure provided him with a holistic understanding of percussion and its role in music, a foundation that shaped his journey towards becoming one of the greatest drummers in history.

Rich’s Unique Perspective

Rich’s discerning approach to drumming set him apart from his peers. Despite his jazz background, he recognized the talent and skill of other drummers, even outside his genre. Rich once praised Karen Carpenter, known for her work with The Carpenters, as “one of my favorite drummers.” His attention to detail and commitment to serving the song exemplified his drumming philosophy.

While the discussion over the best drummer of all time may continue, Neil Peart’s support for Buddy Rich is noteworthy. Rich’s extraordinary talent, knowledge of the drums, and devotion to his art earned him this renowned title. His unique viewpoint on drumming as well as capacity to engage audiences have inspired generations of drummers. Buddy Rich’s reputation as the greatest drummer of all time continues to live on in the hearts and thoughts of music fans throughout the world.