Nancy Wilson Reveals Her 5 Favorite Albums

Nancy Wilson Reveals Her 5 Favorite Albums | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via AXS TV / Youtube

Nancy Wilson, the other half of the Wilson sister of the rock band Heart, reveals her all-time favorite albums which include those of Joni Mitchell’s and Robert Plant.

In an interview from AXS TV’s YouTube channel, Wilson discussed her 5 albums that she couldn’t live without if hypothetically, she’s stranded on an island. Here’ her complete list.


Raising Sand – Robert Plant and Alison Kraus

“It never gets old to me,” Wilson said. “If I have to be alone forever, and listen to something like that, I could still listen to it over and over again.” The musician also complimented Plant’s tonality that for her, is “so blues and kind of like roots.”

Wrecking Ball – Emmylou Harris

“She’s got that kind of spirituality, and rosiness, and emotional depth to her singing; it’s kind of like high loathsome.” For her, most of the songs Harris wrote inside the album were stellar.

Hejira – Joni Mitchell

This was her favorite Joni Mitchell album. “That one, in particular, it describes the journey or the hejira of the traveler and the stories that the traveler will tell.” Wilson also complimented Mitchell’s writing, saying that it’s “unbelievably amazing.”

Tumbleweed Connection – Elton John

“Tumbleweed Connection is just a cool take on Americana through the eyes of English guys,” Wilson said. The album is the 3rd one of John and is written by both him and Bernie Taupin.

Western Stars – Bruce Springsteen

“This guy [Springsteen] is so prolific and is so great in meaning. And it [the album] was nothing like you’d expected,” Wilson said about Western Stars.

You can watch the video below.