Musicians Confirm AC/DC Reuniting With Brian Johnson For New Album

Musicians Confirm AC/DC Reuniting With Brian Johnson For New Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Brian Johnson with Muse live at the Reading Festival, 2017 - Muse / Youtube

While there has been no affirmative news setting that AC/DC is indeed reuniting for a new album, two reputable sources, being rock musicians themselves, spilled the beans on the rumored comeback. Behemoth frontman Nergal disclosed in an interview with Loudwire recently that “there’s a new AC/DC album in the making with Malcolm Young. It’s coming. It’s going to be an outtake from Rock or Bust. What do I expect? I expect nothing more and nothing less, just give me fucking rhythm and Angus and Malcom’s guitar. Don’t give me anything extra. [Brian Johnson] is back in the band.”

Dee Snider also chided in with his own announcement, which includes Phil Rudd playing on the album. A fan asked him if one of the members was sick, and he responded in a tweet, “He died. RIP Malcolm Young. But all four surviving members have reunited WITH tracks recorded by Malcolm while he was still alive. Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young is replacing him (he’s done this a couple of times before). It’s as close as you can get to the original band. @acdc”

Back in 2018, one can recall how the members were spotted in a Vancouver studio, which circulated online and fueled reunion rumors.




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