Mike Mitchell, co-founding guitarist of “Louie Louie” Passed Away At 77

Mike Mitchell, co-founding guitarist of “Louie Louie” Passed Away At 77 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Mike Mitchell’s 1999 Interview - John Broughton /YouTube

The Kingsmen’s lead guitarist Mike Mitchell recently passed away at the age of 77 years old.

The information was given by the band’s drummer Dick Peterson in an interview with the Rolling Stone. He mentioned that Mitchell had “peacefully passed away” last Friday. Somehow, the cause of his death was not announced in the interview.

Peterson went to commemorate his bandmate more by stating his sorrow for the loss. “We are deeply saddened by Mike’s passing. He was the kindest and most generous man on the planet,” Peterson expressed. He stated how Mitchell’s skills became a generous part of the popularity of the band during live performances, as well as his remarkable musicianship and his sense of humor.

The Oregon Music Hall of Fame also announced their sentiments to the late rocker’s passing: “He never let his chops fall behind. His playing just got better as he aged.”

Furthermore, the Eagles’ guitarist and singer Joe Walsh also offered his condolences to the rocker who influenced him greatly in his style of playing. He also emphasized Mitchell’s great role as the sole inspiration for aspiring guitarists like Walsh himself.

The Kingsmen were an American rock band from Portland, Oregon that skyrocketed to fame after their own rendition to “Louie Louie” hit the charts. Mitchell is the only member that stayed all throughout the group’s career.