Mick Jagger Reveals His First Impression Of Led Zeppelin

Mick Jagger Reveals His First Impression Of Led Zeppelin | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Mick Jagger in an interview for Sky News - Youtube

While the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin may be different in terms of their style, in some other ways, they were related to one another. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones may be unfriendly towards them, but for frontman Mick Jagger, such wasn’t the case for him; instead, he praised Led Zeppelin.

Before LZ made name for themselves, Jagger knew Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones as session musicians, who once helped the Stones create tracks on the studio. Both took the role as session musicians; Jones with “She’s A Rainbow” from The Satanic Majesties Request and Page with the left-out recording of Scarlet, which wasn’t unearthed until 2020.

In an interview with the BBC Radio 2, Jagger reflected on the duo’s efforts to sustain excellence in their recordings, and even called Page “one of the greatest session guitarists of all time.” “And that’s how I met Jimmy, and that’s how I met John Paul Jones – because he was the bass player,” Jagger explained. “So, I knew Jimmy from then, and I knew John Paul Jones from then, and then ten years later – or a bit less than ten years later – they made this very successful band.”

Jagger also admitted to watching them live when the band first started: “I used to go watch them live, I remember watching their concerts live, it was great – thunderous racket.” And also had the chance to see them at their final concert. Although he wished for them to have a reunion tour after all these years, Jagger knew that this matter isn’t his to speak of.

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