David Bowie Performs Conan O’ Brien’s Submitted Song To Him

David Bowie Performs Conan O’ Brien’s Submitted Song To Him | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Team Coco / Youtube

One thing worth noting to legend David Bowie: he’s a hilarious guy in interviews. Take a look at the video of Bowie visiting Conan on TBS where he showed his comedic chops on different topics given by the host, Conan O’Brien.

The video started with Bowie pointing an audience’s shirt, which he thought was “great,” with a moment of appreciation to that man. The two then began to discuss Bowie’s dilemma on picking names, which was a hard thing for him since every name he picked would either be taken by a famous person or just didn’t simply connect to him. He started with his original name, Davy Jones in the 60s, which he had to change because The Monkees’ Davy Jones recently became popular. Next, he replaced it with Tom Jones.

“True story, I was Tom Jones for about a couple of weeks, and just as I was doing a photo session, he [the real Tom Jones] released his first record ‘It’s Not Unusual,’ and so I moved on through,” Bowie said. Another name, David Cassidy, didn’t get on to him; basically, he was looking for the appropriate name to carry on over the years, and thankfully, he stuck with David Bowie.

The two also talked about him being the 25th richest man in Britain during that year, then the name Shecky Greene came to the conversation. The first parts of the conversation were quite a blur, but at least we get to see a jolly Bowie having fun talking with the host.

But the most important aspect of the interview was about the songwriting contest that Bowie and his team initiated to invite writers to pen lyrics on a given chorus and melody on Bowie’s site. The winner’s work then was featured on Bowie’s then-released album, Hours. O’Brien then told the singer that he also “wrote” a song to be read on, and since he didn’t pass the screening, he took the opportunity to let the legend perform it.

Showing a sarcastic smile, and a hint of annoyance, Bowie obliged. The lyrics, of course, are purely comical and gave the audience a good laugh. The two also talked about Bowie’s then newly-released game called Omikron.