Mick Jagger Loses It And Gets Angry in Finland

Mick Jagger Loses It And Gets Angry in Finland | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Redfox Arctic / Youtube

“Who said we used drugs?” – Mick Jagger

If there’s a band who could embody the real legendary bad boys, then the Rolling Stones would be the band tailor-fit to the description. They are among the groups whose careers are always tarnished in the ways of media. And there’s no turning back, it’s the life that they live, and to party hard, you got to work hard as well.

It’s only one of those early Rolling Stones stories that we can associate with this one video of Mick Jagger complaining. The charming frontman of the group and his partner, Keith Richards, seemed to be the guys whose life is highly publicized for all the wrong reasons. With this one, Jagger seemed to be mad at the reporters who followed him in Finland, apparently for the reason that he doesn’t like being sniffed by dogs on his luggage. Due to the massive prejudice of media towards them, painting them as people who often use drugs, it’s only fair to have extra security to compel the measures and prevent more scandals.

Jagger also commented about the “stupid” questions that are often thrown at him. “I have the right to get stupid answers to stupid questions,” that’s what he said in the near end.

You can watch the interview here.