Mick Fleetwood Shares New “Songbird” Version For Christine McVie’s 80th Birthday

Mick Fleetwood Shares New “Songbird” Version For Christine McVie’s 80th Birthday | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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On what would have been the 80th birthday of the beloved Christine McVie, founder of Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood commemorated the occasion with a touching tribute. The iconic musician shared a stunning new instrumental version of McVie’s signature song, ‘Songbird,’ in collaboration with esteemed Hawaiian ukulele virtuoso, Jake Shimabukuro. The heartfelt rendition is a testament to the enduring friendship and musical legacy of Christine McVie, leaving fans and fellow musicians deeply moved on this special day.

A Soulful Dedication

Mick Fleetwood’s poignant tribute to Christine McVie commenced with a spoken word introduction. Addressing his dear friend and bandmate directly through the song’s lyrics, Fleetwood conveyed heartfelt emotions, saying:

“For you, there will be no more crying. For you, the sun will be shining. And the songbirds keep singing like they know the score. And I love you. I love you like never before.”

The rendition showcases the union of Fleetwood’s gentle percussive beats with Shimabukuro’s emotive and skillful ukulele playing, resulting in a stunning interpretation of the timeless ‘Songbird.’

A Special Release and Unearthed Gem

To celebrate Christine McVie’s milestone birthday, Rhino Records also introduced new music and announced plans to release remastered versions of her final two solo albums. The first release is a new Dolby Atmos and stereo mix of McVie’s 2004 solo album, ‘In the Meantime,’ created by her nephew, Dan Perfect, who was instrumental in producing the original. Among the collection, fans are delighted to discover ‘Little Darlin,’ a previously unreleased gem discovered from the recording sessions.

Upcoming Reissues to Celebrate McVie’s Solo Work

Rhino Records has exciting plans for Christine McVie’s solo work, as they intend to reissue two of her albums later this year. On Friday, 3rd November, fans can enjoy the re-release of ‘Christine McVie’ on CD and LP, along with an exclusive cola-bottle clear vinyl version available only at Barnes & Noble. On the same day, ‘In the Meantime’ will be released on CD and as a 2-LP set, featuring a “songbird” etching on the final side, further celebrating her remarkable solo artistry.

A Bittersweet Tribute

Christine McVie’s 79th birthday had come as a joyous celebration, but the music world was left heartbroken when she passed away on 30th November 2022, following a short illness. Mick Fleetwood, in February 2023, confirmed that Fleetwood Mac would not continue after the loss of McVie. Nevertheless, this tribute showcases the profound impact she had on her bandmates and fans alike, leaving a lasting legacy that will resonate through her music forever.