Bon Scott’s Family Wins Legal Battle For His Name

Bon Scott’s Family Wins Legal Battle For His Name | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The legacy of the late-great AC/DC frontman, Bon Scott, has been a subject of legal contention as his family sought to protect his name and commemorate his legendary career. In a significant victory, the Bon Scott Estate has emerged triumphant in a legal battle over the rights to Bon Scott’s name, paving the way for merchandise and commemorative items celebrating the iconic musician’s contributions to rock history.

Protecting the Icon: Bon Scott Estate’s Trademark Application

The Bon Scott Estate, managed by his two brothers and nephew, took a crucial step to preserve Bon Scott’s memory by applying to register his name as a trademark for merchandise, including clothing, sunglasses, bags, and wallets. This move aimed to honor Bon Scott’s fabled career and ensure that his name remained associated with the legacy he left behind.

Opposition and Ruling: A Hard-Fought Legal Victory

Swiss-based company Scott Sports opposed the application, citing similarities with their own trademark and potential confusion among consumers. However, the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) ruled in favor of the Bon Scott Estate, granting them exclusive rights to Bon Scott’s name for the intended merchandise. The ruling recognized the distinctive and dominant word ‘BON’ at the beginning of the applicant’s mark, highlighting the average consumer’s unlikely confusion between the two trademarks.

Explaining why they have sided with the Bon Scott Estate, the UKIPO hearing officer said in a written statement:

“Taking all of the factors into account, bearing in mind the principle of imperfect recollection, I am satisfied that the marks are unlikely to be mistakenly recalled or misremembered as each other.

“The beginning of the marks tend to make more of an impact than the ends. Therefore I do not consider that the average consumer would overlook the distinctive and dominant word ‘BON’ at the beginning of the applicant’s mark.”

The Weight of Legacy: Bon Scott’s Impact in the UK

In their successful arguments, the Bon Scott Estate provided evidence of Bon Scott’s significant fame as the frontman of AC/DC, particularly in the UK. His unforgettable performances on the band’s first six studio albums cemented his status as one of the greatest rock frontmen of all time.

“Even when I listen to Queen Live At The Rainbow now, I find it extraordinary,” says Taylor of the box set released in 2014. “I’d forgotten how heavy we were…”

With the rights to his name secured, the Bon Scott Estate can now honor the legend’s memory through commemorative merchandise, ensuring that the spirit of “Bon” continues to inspire generations of music lovers.