Mark Knopfler’s Guitar Collection Sell For More Than £8 million

Mark Knopfler’s Guitar Collection Sell For More Than £8 million | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Mark Knopfler, the renowned musician known for his role in Dire Straits, recently made headlines as his extensive guitar collection fetched over £8 million at auction, surpassing initial estimates by a significant margin.

The collection, comprising more than 120 guitars and amplifiers owned by Knopfler, featured several notable pieces.

Among them was the 1983 Gibson Les Paul, a prized instrument used in recording hits like ‘Money For Nothing’ and ‘Brothers In Arms,’ as well as its memorable appearance at the historic Live Aid concert in 1985. This iconic guitar alone was auctioned off for an impressive £693,000.

A quarter of the proceeds from the auction will be generously donated to various charities, including the Red Cross, wildlife advocates Tusk, and the children’s non-profit Brave Hearts of the North East.

The auction attracted interest from registered bidders spanning 61 countries. The final tally, inclusive of the buyer’s premium, amounted to a staggering £8,840,160.

Reflecting on the auction, Knopfler described it as “an incredible journey,” expressing his delight that the beloved instruments would find new owners while also benefiting charitable causes close to his heart.

He remarked,

“It has been heart-warming to witness how much these guitars mean to so many people and I am also pleased that they will continue to give joy to many through the songs recorded over the years with me. To you fellow players, enthusiasts and collectors, I wish you all good things.”


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Among the standout sales was Knopfler’s 1988 Pensa-Suhr MK-1, a guitar he played during Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday tribute concert at Wembley Stadium.

This exceptional piece fetched an astounding £504,000, far exceeding its initial estimate.

Another highlight was the Red Schecter Telecaster, acquired by Knopfler in 1984 for recording the Dire Straits hit ‘Walk Of Life.’ Originally estimated at £6,000, the guitar sold for an impressive £415,800.

In a conversation with BBC News in November 2023, Knopfler expressed his hope that the guitars find new life in the hands of musicians.

He remarked, “I hope they all get played, I don’t think they do too well living in a case all their lives,” while acknowledging a tinge of sadness at parting with some of his cherished instruments. However, he reassured fans that he still has plenty left to play, emphasizing his enduring passion for music.