Listen To One Rush’s Earliest Interview Back In 1974

Listen To One Rush’s Earliest Interview Back In 1974 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Rush - YeOldeRock / Youtube

Rush’s legacy had been built to last for a lifetime. It’s hard not to associate them with rock and roll for the reason that they’re the titans who made the genre everlasting. But they were the good guys, the humble ones who never seem to like the idea of being eaten by superstardom. And they’ve been in that position since the beginning.

Inside this extremely rare interview of Rush back in 1974, the Canadian rockers told the radio host what it’s like to tour in the US— the places they’ve been in general. Geddy Lee became open in explaining how hard it is for a Canadian rock band to break into the American music scene.

“We’ve been together for five years, at [it] took us that long to get into the U.S.,” Lee explained. Lee and Neil Peart also took time to discuss the standard way of making music in Canada, since most of the record companies before weren’t keen on playing music that’s over two minutes long. A reason why Canadian progressive rock bands don’t automatically flourish as the other Westerners do.

When asked if who were their main influences, the band mentioned Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, the two people that they respected the most in making music.

As the video progresses, Lee would eventually say that Peart has been the drummer of Rush for only three months, during this point. Lee would also explain Peart’s duty as a contributor, a responsibility that he would eventually embrace as the band evolved with their music.

You can listen to the interview below.