Eric Clapton Reveals His 5 Favorite Guitarists Ever

Eric Clapton Reveals His 5 Favorite Guitarists Ever | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Eric Clapton joins Paul McCartney in a tribute concert for George Harrison - George Harrison / Youtube

Eric Clapton: bona fide guitar god and legend, there’s no one to compare with Clapton’s greatness of handling his own guitar. He’s been present in the lists of the greatest guitarists of all, creating timeless music and supplementing the finest arrangements you could ever hear in a song. If there’s one name who you could think of that dominated the entire world of rock, it’s his.

Sure, the last statement could declare arguments, but one cannot deny Clapton’s wonderful skills in playing the guitar. It is him who showed to everyone how fantastically great the instrument is, inspiring thousands of people to pick up a guitar and learn it to absolute accuracy. But, by his standards, who does he think is the best? Below, we’ll provide you the answers.


A lot of people seemed to think that Prince’s abilities on playing the guitar were hardly exceptional, but Clapton thought so otherwise. He has often cited the late “Purple Rain” singer as one of the best guitarists ever, stating that he was a reincarnation of Little Richard, Jimi Hendrix, and James Brown— all in one person.

Duane Allman

Duane Allman, one of the most prolific guitar players during his time once blew Eric Clapton’s mind away with his classic rendition to “Hey Jude.” Clapton said in an interview: I remember hearing ‘Hey Jude’ by Wilson Pickett and calling either Ahmet Ertegun or Tom Dowd and saying, ‘Who’s that guitar player?’” Clapton made mental note of Allman’s greatness and he even collaborated with the musician to one of Eric’s classics, “Layla.”

Albert Lee

Albert Lee, a magnificent guitarist most associated with Emmylou Harris, Everly Brothers, and with Clapton as well, was once referred by the guitarist as “the greatest guitarist of the world.” In Clapton’s own understanding, we should all be listening to Lee.

Jimi Hendrix

Back in the 60s where Cream was at the peak of their game, there arose Jimi Hendrix, who got the opportunity to defy all odds and made the people reevaluate who’s the greatest. Clapton never viewed Hendrix as a rival and even made statements that commented about Hendrix’s superiority with guitar playing.

Muddy Waters

Almost anyone who knew Muddy Waters admired him and his exceptional guitar ability, and Clapton is no exception to that list. The guitarist admitted back in 1989 that Waters is his favorite and had a huge influence on him.