Listen To Jimi Hendrix’s Jam Session Days Before His Death

Listen To Jimi Hendrix’s Jam Session Days Before His Death | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Greenwich Entertainment / YouTube

Listen to how Jimi Hendrix roused the crowd with this incredible jam session taken 2 days before his unexpected death. It is an excerpt from the documentary Ronnie’s, a “chronicle of the life of saxophonist Ronnie Scott, from poor, Jewish kid in the East End of London to owner of the legendary night club.” Jimi’s part can be seen and heard below.

The recording was provided by Bill Baker, an audience member who tape-recorded the entire performance of Hendrix playing with Eric Bourdon and War on Sep. 16, 1970, at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. The musicians jammed over “Mother Earth” and “Tobacco Road,” two songs that made Bourdon and the audience’s night “magical.”

When it was time for Bourdon to call in the guest for the occasion, Hendrix came out in the audience, all ready and excited to play with the band. “Mother Earth” can be heard in the documentary on the next scene, augmenting the real Jimi Hendrix’s madness on jam sessions.

“That night at Ronnie’s, my feet weren’t touching the ground,” Eric Bourdon shared. “The next night, we got word that after the set, Jimi had died. It was a terrible thought right there that I was the last guitarist to play with him.”

Apart from Hendrix’s part, the film also features the performances of “Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Van Morrison, Chet Baker, and others.”

Take a look at the clip right here.