Lindsey Buckingham Says The Beach Boys Has The Best A Side/B Side Combo

Lindsey Buckingham Says The Beach Boys Has The Best A Side/B Side Combo | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Lindsey Buckingham live at USC - TheLeapTV / Youtube

It’s not hard to detect Brian Wilson’s genius in music, and most musicians could agree with that. Just like others, Lindsey Buckingham also had his picks for a favorite Beach Boy hit – only this time, he chose what he thinks is “the greatest A-side / B-side” in music history.

In an interview with Forbes last year, the former Fleetwood Mac singer/guitarist mentioned Brian Wilson of Beach Boys as one of his heroes, and even said that what Wilson did in a short amount of time was pretty much what John Lennon and Paul McCartney did as they progressed.

When asked what’s the greatest pop record ever written, Buckingham couldn’t point out his choice, so he preferred saying his top list of pop songs. “I don’t know if there’s one, but as far as pop goes, I’ll give you one of my, probably at the top of my list for a great A and B side of a 45, how’s that?” Buckingham said. “And that is, ‘I Get Around,’ by the Beach Boys on the A-side, and what’s on the B-side? ‘Don’t Worry, Baby.’”

Elaborating further, he said: “You could say, well, it’s a car song or it’s a, whatever, both of those, subject matter-wise. But still, Brian had already evolved from the first couple of albums and the structure.” He called the A-side “I Get Around” an incredible piece of music.