Led Zeppelin Reveal Their Most Favorite Hall & Oates Album

Led Zeppelin Reveal Their Most Favorite Hall & Oates Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

What makes music a perfect element for peace is that it unites us; whether you’re a hard rock fan or a pop fan. Between that fine line is where Led Zeppelin is at; creating innovative, hard-rock melody, but will also jam around to a good Hall & Oates tune.

In a 1988 interview of John Oates with Spin, the rocker said about a fantastic revelation about their 1973 album, Abandoned Luncheonette that has something to do about Led Zeppelin. Talking about how great his experiences were during recording and how proud he is on the album that breaks the margins of different racial integration, the musician marveled about a trivia that surrounded by it.

“We feel a happy and proud part of that, and it began for us with an album called Abandoned Luncheonette. We got a lot of mileage from that LP, with people as flattering as Led Zeppelin picking it as a favorite and taking tapes of it from motel to motel.”

After failing to make an impact from their first album named Whole Oats, the pair moved to New York where everything felt smart and worth it. They’ve begun to write songs that would be included in the legendary album, including “She’s Gone,” one of the well-known Hall & Oates tracks. Both the artists admire the effort they’ve given to produce such a high-quality H & O album.

“She’s Gone” pushed the albums high up to the charts, with the song getting numerous rotations on the radio. The duo’s popularity began to rise imminently since the album is considered the best there is, no doubt.