George Harrison’s Reaction Listening To Led Zeppelin For The First Time

George Harrison’s Reaction Listening To Led Zeppelin For The First Time | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Marcelo Durham / YouTube

There is an upward excitement that most people feel when the heroes of their lives got to meet each other and exchange praise. Perhaps, that’s what fans felt when George Harrison spoke so highly about Led Zeppelin, a crossover that several people thought would never happen in a million years.

Harrison was known for his admiration for Led Zeppelin, albeit, the only problem he had with the band was their lack of creating some authentic, ballad tunes. Jimmy Page, being the man that he is, thus created “The Rain Song,” as a retribution to the comment that this former Beatle uttered when the two met and conversed.

But the Zep and Harrison’s relationship goes back right at the moment when the New Yardbirds title was replaced to the iconic Led Zeppelin name. The audio presented below shows mere proof of how Led Zeppelin caught the attention of a busy Harrison.

An unidentified man is speaking with George, as he introduced the musician to a “new Jimmy Page” album. George then recognized the name and associated it with Page’s former group, the Yardbirds. As the conversation progressed, the man both introduced John Paul Jones as the “governor bass player” and John Bonham who’s “a kid on drums who’s unbelievable.” This is possibly the first time that Harrison met Zep before they’ve established their name, and the rest is history.

Listen to the audio below.