Late Rocker’s Teen Daughter Shows Off New Tattoo In Honor Of Dad’s Passing

Late Rocker’s Teen Daughter Shows Off New Tattoo In Honor Of Dad’s Passing | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Teen Marks 2-Years Since Dad’s Passing With Fresh Ink

It’s been two years since rock icon David Bowie died at the age of 69, leaving behind devoted wife Iman and children Duncan, 46, and Alexandria, 17. While Iman took to social media in quiet celebration of the life and love she shared with Bowie for over two decades, the celebration of a life well lived and well loved was capped by a rare photo of the couple’s daughter Alexandria – well, part of her anyway – as Iman showed off the 17-year-old’s brand new tattoo.

Bearing the caption “You will always be part of us. Jan 10th #BowieForever #EverAndEver,” the photo shows what looks like Alexandria’s forearm with a tattoo of a crescent moon and the words “Daddy xx” with Bowie’s birth and death dates written underneath it.

Alexandria, known as Lexi to her parents, wasn’t the only one showing off their Bowie inspired ink today, either; Iman included a photo of her ankle and a small tattoo of a bowie knife with “David” inscribed in the handle that she got several years ago in her late husband’s honor, sweet tribute to the man she knew was the one when he knelt down in the middle of the street to tie her shoe in the early days of their relationship.

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Bowie’s 46-year-old son, director Duncan Jones, didn’t quite go the tattoo route this year, but he did offer up something sweet of his own in honor of what would have been his father’s 71st birthday two days ago:

“Im actually pretty cheery today! Dad lived ten lives in the years he had! There are many lessons he taught me, but todays most important one is this; don’t beat yourself up. Ever. Learn, pick yourself up, & go do something new & brave!”

David Bowie is no doubt missed by those who loved him most, but two years on they’re taking his advice to learn, pick themselves up, to go and do something new and brave – and they’re doing a pretty damned good job of it, one he’d absolutely be proud of.