Kids Steal The Halftime Show With AC/DC Song – There Is Hope!

Kids Steal The Halftime Show With AC/DC Song – There Is Hope! | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via WJMtheband/YouTube

“How You Doin’ Stanford?!!!”

They’re not your average kids just playing around. These boys mean business and it’s pretty obvious because they got to play in front of students, teachers and parents in Stanford, no less. We don’t even know where to begin. The moment their lead vocalist steps up to the mic and says “How you doin’ Stanford!” we knew they were going to floor everyone. That level of confidence in one so young is impressive. And being confident while performing in front of a huge crowd is a big deal.

Their playing is pretty tight and solid all things considered. Sure there’s still plenty of room for improvement but for 6th-graders, this is some seriously good stuff. They know their classic rock well! Their parents must be beaming with pride. We can only imagine the amount of dedication and focus involved when it came to rehearsals. While other kids are playing, they’re practicing.

This only restores our faith in the younger generation – that there are still kids who prefer rock over pop and hip-hop. They don’t just listen to classic tunes, they prefer covering some of these classics too. This is what happens when parents have great taste in music.

Unfortunately, the crowd isn’t that enthusiastic. If we were there, we’d be headbanging and jumping and just rocking out. The kids deserve a much better reception because they slayed this jam.

“Our process is a collaborative one. We all contribute by bringing in ideas, beginnings, influences, then we mash it up and see where the music goes. There really aren’t any scripts to our creative process; it is more a matter of feeling and sound. On stage we sit behind our instruments, but in the studio we sit behind each other – listening, riffing and discussing different points of view.” – WJM Band

They’re going places for sure.