Kids Listen To AC/DC For The 1st Time

Kids Listen To AC/DC For The 1st Time | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via FBE/YouTube

There’s Still Hope For The Next Generation!

We know we’re not supposed to have favorites but that kid who said, “Everyone knows who AC/DC is” will definitely go places. And are we the only ones who noticed he could totally pass off as Dave Grohl’s long lost son?

Anyway, it’s interesting to know what these kids think of some AC/DC classics. It’s time to teach them what music was back in the day because surely, they don’t make ’em like this anymore.

Fun Fact: AC/DC is one of the best selling artists in music history with more than 200 million sales worldwide. “Back in Black” was so successful, it sold 50 million copies and received Double Diamond certification from the RIAA.

We love how they thought “the guitar person is so good” and “gets you hyped up” because as adults, we think the same way. Lol. And those who even sang along, man, their parents must be really proud. That’s one incredible parenting win there!