John Lennon Once Sang On A Song He Didn’t Like

John Lennon Once Sang On A Song He Didn’t Like | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Rivalries and competition often spark headlines. In the 1960s, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were two iconic bands, often seen as competitors. One incident involving John Lennon and a Rolling Stones song shed light on their dynamic.

Lennon was never one to mince words, especially when it came to expressing his opinions about other musicians’ work.

One song he openly criticized was “We Love You” by The Rolling Stones. He felt the Stones imitated The Beatles, a sentiment he shared in a candid interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1970.

“I was always very respectful about Mick [Jagger] and the Stones, but he said a lot of sort of tarty things about the Beatles, which I am hurt by,” Lennon stated. “Every f***in’ thing we did, Mick does exactly the same — he imitates us.”

Lennon particularly pointed out “We Love You,” accusing it of being a copy of The Beatles’ style, specifically referencing “All You Need Is Love.”


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Interestingly, in his critique, Lennon omitted a crucial detail: he and Paul McCartney actually sang backing vocals on “We Love You.”

The two Beatles legends had contributed their harmonies to the song during a studio session in 1967.

Despite the public rivalry narrative, behind the scenes, there was a camaraderie between the bands. Lennon acknowledged their friendship, saying:

“We were like kings of the jungle then, and we were very close to the Stones.”

This incident reminds us that even in the midst of rivalry, musicians could find common ground and collaborate, blurring the lines between competition and camaraderie.