John Lennon And George Harrison’s Last Interview Together

John Lennon And George Harrison’s Last Interview Together | I Love Classic Rock Videos

George Harrison and John Lennon - JohnLennonAgain / Youtube

Former Beatles bandmates John Lennon and George Harrison did an interview in December 1974 where they shared their thoughts about the band’s music. The two proceeded to talk about their musical influences and how these helped shaped their music throughout the years. Little did they know – along with everyone else – that it would be their last interview together.

The interview happened after Lennon watched Harrison’s Madison Square Garden show, which was a rarity considering it was almost nearly impossible to have any of the bandmates together. It can also be noted that the two had a falling out after the Beatles broke up.

Fast forward to the release of Harrison’s biography, titledĀ I, Me, Mine, he barely mentions Lennon and his musical influence on him, which disappointed Lennon. Sadly, the misunderstanding would never be resolved as Lennon was murdered in front of his Dakota Apartments just months later.

Back to the interview, the two Beatles discussed how they wrote their songs. Harrison says he likes some of their more unorthodox creations likeĀ “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Norwegian Wood”. He also noted how Lennon would pitch in his thoughts and polish their process, as well as how they both, along with Ringo Starr, admired David Bowie’s body of work.