John Frusciante And Dave Navarro Played Together Onstage

John Frusciante And Dave Navarro Played Together Onstage | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Dave Navarro and John Frusciante live in 2020 - @davenavarro / Instagram

Funk rock outfit Red Hot Chili Peppers has just made their first appearance with their newly-reunited guitarist John Frusciante last Saturday, February 8, with former member Dave Navarro in tow.

It can be noted that Navarro joined the band in 1993 after many failed auditions and numerous guitarists taking the spot, playing with the band until 1998 when he was booted from the lineup due to personal problems and incompatibility issues.

This was the first time that Red Hot Chili Peppers had played with both guitarists onstage, as they barely rubbed elbows in their alternating stints in the band’s career timeline. The open-air show was held in memory of Andrew Burkle – son of billionaire Ronald Burkle- who passed away last month. RHCP members Anthony Kiedis and Flea played alongside Navarro and his Jane’s Addiction bandmate Stephen Perkins. Navarro posted a picture of himself playing with Frusciante later that day, saying that the experience was absolute magic.