John Fogerty Releases Performance Video Of “Blue Boy'”

John Fogerty Releases Performance Video Of “Blue Boy'” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Fogerty's Factory performs Blue Boy - John Fogerty / Youtube

John Fogerty, along with his family band, Fogerty’s Factory, has just released a video of their performance of “Blue Boy”. This song is a part of his Grammy-bagging album from 1997, Blue Moon Swamp.

“Shane is about 5 years old in the original music video,” says Fogerty. “‘Hey! You are hurting my ears, Daddy!'”

The ex-Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman’s fifth studio album Blue Moon Swamp dominated the Finland and Sweden charts, scored 5th in Norway, and reached #37 on the US Billboard 200.

“Blue Boy” is the latest installment of the said performance project, with “Hot Red Heart” and “Blue Moon Nights” coming before it. “We have had so much fun creating these videos. We hope we could bring some joy into your home from ours. These videos were a labor of love, only produced with a few folks with social distancing and masks included! We were able to create these videos without a big production or overdubs straight from our own home,” Fogerty shared.

He added, “Fogerty’s Factory will be taking a hiatus for a while as one of the band members, Kelsy, is off to college! We plan to bring all our fans more in the future. Stay tuned for the announcement and special plans for Fogerty’s Factory in the coming month.”