Jimmy Page Shares How Elvis Presley Changed The World

Jimmy Page Shares How Elvis Presley Changed The World | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jimmy Page in an interview with the American Academy of Achievement - Youtube

Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page shared in a recent Instagram post an untold story of his experience playing at the King of Rock n’ Roll’s childhood lands, and the accompanying realization. Page reminisces how the great Elvis Presley changed the world with his music and influence. The post read:

“On this day in 1998, I played at Tupelo, where Elvis was born and raised, when there were no local attractions apart from the cotton fields or getting to Memphis.

When Elvis grew up it must have been pretty bleak but the white and black picked the cotton side by side and the local indigenous music provided the soundtrack to this tough environment and it took the visionary genius of Elvis to blend those musical sources and change the world. 🔊John Lee Hooker’s sonic ambience to the region; ‘Tupelo’ recorded in 1960.”


Seems like Page is on an appreciation streak, as last week, he posted about the blues roots legend B.B. King in a short but honoring caption.

“On this day in 2004, I presented B.B. King with the Polar Music Prize. It was an honour to be invited to be a part of this, as B.B. King was a figure who inspired generations of musicians, from his contemporaries to the present day.

Also a recipient of the music prize that day was György Ligeti – the avant garde classical composer whose Lux Aeterna was featured in the film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’”