Jimi Hendrix’s Last Interview and Performance Before Death 1970

Jimi Hendrix’s Last Interview and Performance Before Death 1970 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jimi Hendrix - weirdopedia / youtube

When Jimi Hendrix entered the court of rock and roll, he was about to plead guilty of killing it with his guitar craft. Innovation was the name of the game, and Hendrix was on top of that food chain.

Armed with his three-part band, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the up and coming guitar deity conquered music festival after festival, dishing some of the greatest live performances with his complete command over the instrument. One of the most notable performances Hendrix did was the Isle of Wight Show in June 1970, which was just a few months away from his untimely death on the 18th of September.

It wasn’t an easy commitment for Hendrix to show up on, with the audience ballooning to over half a million from the expected 150,000 attendees. “There was so many people in there you know, it was terrible… I remember walking from the caravan and out onto the stage, that was like the Gladiators in the old Roman Empire must have felt like that,” he said.

Asked in an ambush interview of what inspired him, he responded: “From the people. When they really show that they’re really, you know, there for a genuine purpose to enjoy themselves and we try to do the same, you know. As long as they don’t be too critical, but we’d like to make blues with them. It’s not gonna hurt me anyway.”

Watch one of the final interviews of Jimi Hendrix before he passed away on the video below.