John Fogerty Sings With 2 Sons and Daughter At Home

John Fogerty Sings With 2 Sons and Daughter At Home | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Fogerty's Factory - NPR Music / Youtube

Let’s take a look back at John Fogerty’s efforts to preserve the legacy that he built with Creedence Clearwater Revival in this performance video with his new group, Fogerty’s Factory. The CCR founder is joined by no other than his children, Tyler, Shane, and Kelsey, the new breed of Fogertys to continue what the band’s music was all about.

Fogerty’s Factory kicks it off at the NPR Tiny Desk Concert series, which features a dainty live indoor setting for musicians to showcase their talents. In the light of the current COVID-19 crisis, NPR has allowed their show to be carried over to the homes of their performers, Fogerty’s Factory being one of them.

In NPR’s words: “When John Fogerty breaks out his baseball bat guitar and swings into that famous guitar lick from “Centerfield” to open his Tiny Desk (home) concert, I can almost taste the Cracker Jacks. Welcome to Fogerty’s Factory, the tricked-out basement where the Fogerty Family (John, his sons Tyler and Shane, and his daughter Kelsy) make music in these quarantined times. His desk is the road case his band Creedence Clearwater Revival used when they played Woodstock, and John shows off a guitar he played at the festival as well. He plays three of his CCR classics from 50 years ago (still singing in the same key), surrounded by family and sending out words of encouragement to all of us.”