Jim Morrison’s Arrest History Proves He’s About That Rock n’ Roll Life

Jim Morrison’s Arrest History Proves He’s About That Rock n’ Roll Life | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jim Morrison and the Doors getting interviewed, 1968 - Michael 1620 / Youtube

We view Jim Morrison as a man who defined the Rock God persona – a fantastic musician with a bad boy image. He’s the person we can always assume to have troubles with the law, and that’s to say that he’s no saint worshipping. But amid that rowdiness, The Doors’ frontman proved how much he went down in history, embodying the damaging life of the 60s counterculture with his anti-authoritarian self. Take a look at his arrest history below.


September 28, 1963 – Peace Disturbance

The first time Morrison had a run-in with the law was while he was attending Florida State University. He good drunk on “too much wine” and proceeded to mock the football players and the audience watching at the Campbell Stadium. The police were called, and he was charged with “disturbing the peace while being drunk.”

January 23, 1966 – Sexual Assault

At this point, Morrison and his classmates were on a road trip that went downhill after one classmate named Phil O’Leno went missing. Upon going home, Morrison unapologetically boasted that he killed O’Leno, leading the latter’s father to pursue a police investigation. However, the police found out that Morrison kissed a 14-year-old girl without consent, therefore charging him with sexual assault. As for O’Leno, charges were dropped after he reappeared. (www.sapns2.com)

December 10, 1967 – Public Obscenity and Inciting a Riot

Morrison was arrested during a Doors show at the New Haven, Conn. for inciting a riot, public obscenity, and indecency. It happened when a cop saw Morrison making out with a girl backstage and told him to leave. When the singer refused, he was tased. Realizing that he was the singer, he apologized but it was too late. Morrison was starting to throw tantrums onstage and dropping the f-word a couple of times before he was again arrested.

January 28, 1968 – Drunk in Public

Visiting the Pussycat a’ Go-Go on his trip to Las Vegas with Robert Grover, the pair decided to smoke a joint. When one of the police saw them, he declined, saying: “Whyn’t you jump up my ass?” The pair was arrested for disturbing the peace and public drunkenness.

 March 1, 1969 – Drunkenness, Profanity, Offensive Behavior

At one of the Doors’ concerts, Morrison was publicly ranting about love and hate when one of the audiences poured champagne on him. Morrison then began to strip off his clothes and simulated masturbation in front of a large crowd. Several charges were thrown against him, but he only turned himself in a month later. He was found guilty of public exposure, but not drunkenness.

August 4, 1970 – Public Drunkenness

After a night of heavy drinking, the singer fell asleep in front of a woman’s house. She found out about it in the morning, and when she couldn’t wake him up, she called the police which then arrested Morrison afterward. A bail of $25 was paid and he was released.