Janis Joplin Fires Up New York With 1968 ‘ Piece Of My Heart’ Performance

Janis Joplin Fires Up New York With 1968 ‘ Piece Of My Heart’ Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Janis Joplin - criterioncollection / Youtube

Few of many songs could define the career of the iconic Janis Joplin, and the other singers’ works would seemingly fit that description. While Joplin had her own original effort, still, nothing could top her amazing vocals and unique artistry when it comes to making another man’s work all on her own.

The ballad “Piece Of My Heart” became one of the late singer’s finest, showing a rather powerful singing range from her. The song, an Erma Franklin original, became a massive hit when Joplin’s then-band Big Brother and the Holding Company made a cover version of this lovely track. One proof that solidifies the talent that Joplin had was this 1968 performance live at the New York’s Generation Club.

And while others also gave their own versions to the song such as Dusty Springfield, Faith Hill, and many more, there’s a certain element that only Janis could give, the main reason why hers would turn out to be one of the best from the long catalog of any artist’s rendition.

It’s unfortunate that we never got to see Janis Joplin for a long time after the singer died from an ill-fated heroin overdose at the young age of 27. Still, it’s a moment of glory to see this talented woman stood up on the stage and gave a performance worth remembering for many generations to come.

Watch and be amazed by her performance here.