Janie Van Halen Bids Farewell to Last Connection with Eddie

Janie Van Halen Bids Farewell to Last Connection with Eddie | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a heartfelt Instagram post, Janie Van Halen, widow of legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, shared the somber news of the passing of their beloved family member, Kody, the dog. Kody, one of the last living connections Janie had to her late husband, bid farewell to the world, leaving a void that tugs at the heartstrings. Janie expressed her emotions in a touching tribute:

“Sweet dreams, my baby bear. Thank you for being the light of my life for 13 years. You brought us and everyone who met you joy, love, and happiness. My heart is absolutely broken, but I know you are at peace and in heaven with daddy and I know that he will take good care of you. Until we see each other again. Mommy loves her sweetest little boy in the whole wide world.”

Accompanied by poignant pictures of Kody with Eddie

Janie shared glimpses of the final moments they cherished together, capturing the joy and closeness between them. The photos, though bittersweet, reflect the profound bond between Janie, Eddie, and their beloved canine companion.

The loss of Kody marks another chapter in Janie’s journey of coping with grief, following the passing of Eddie Van Halen in October 2020. Janie’s expression of love for Kody and acknowledgment of their reunion in heaven portrays the enduring impact of their connection.

“Saying goodbye is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, so instead, I say so long, I will see you again soon in a place with no pain or sorrow. Please watch over Kody and I. We love you and miss you so very much.”

Janie has faced multiple losses

With the passing of her brother Tom in June 2020 and her mother in November 2020, just two months after Eddie’s departure. Despite these heartbreaking challenges, Janie has demonstrated resilience in navigating the hardships of life.

 “‘I love you’ are the last words Ed says to Wolfie and me, and they are the last words we say to him before he stops breathing.”

Valerie Bertinelli, Eddie’s ex-wife, shared a poignant moment from Eddie’s final hours, emphasizing the profound love he expressed to their son, Wolfgang. These words encapsulate the deep bond and affection Eddie had for his family.

With Kody’s passing, Janie Van Halen faces yet another wave of sadness. However, she finds solace in the belief that Eddie is now reunited with their cherished canine companion, providing comfort in the face of another poignant loss in the Van Halen family.