Billy Idol’s Secret In Preserving His Voice

Billy Idol’s Secret In Preserving His Voice | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Billy Idol, the iconic rocker with a career spanning 47 years, recently shared the key to preserving his distinctive voice.

In an interview with Next Avenue

Idol reflected on the maturity of his voice and the unique approach he took to maintain its quality throughout the years.

“Maturity of the voice is really interesting. I was never really pushing. I was never singing out of my range. I was always just in the right place for me, you know? I was just being me. I’ve seen other people get older and can’t sing like they used to. Some people get better. Maybe I’m one of those.”

Idol emphasized the importance of staying within his vocal range, avoiding the strain that can come from pushing too hard. His philosophy revolves around authenticity and being true to himself in his musical expression.

Despite his vocal longevity, Idol faced challenges during his 2020 Queenstown show. Fans noticed struggles in his performance, with extended breaks on stage. Addressing the criticism, Amanda Calvert, CEO of Greenstone Entertainment, acknowledged Idol’s acknowledgment of the difficulties during the concert.

“We’re aware of some commentary through the likes of our social channels regarding Billy’s performance; however, we are humbled by the wonderful feedback we receive from the experience that fans have from the multiple artists they see on the day.”


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However, 2023 marked a triumphant return for Idol.

His performance at the Hoover Dam, featured in the docu-concert film ‘Billy Idol: State Line,’ garnered positive reviews from fans.

Making history as the first artist to play a show at the Hoover Dam on April 8, Idol not only showcased his musical prowess but also used the opportunity to raise awareness about water conservation amid drought.

Billy Idol’s secret to vocal success lies in his commitment to authenticity, staying within his vocal range, and embracing the maturity of his voice.