How Paul McCartney’s Wings Bandmate Saved Him From A Killer

How Paul McCartney’s Wings Bandmate Saved Him From A Killer | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Paul McCartney, a founding member of The Beatles, found himself at a crossroads when the legendary band began to fall apart. Despite the challenges, McCartney’s creative spirit led him to form a new band called Wings, which included remarkable guitarist Henry McCullough. Little did they know that their bond would be tested in a life-threatening encounter. Discover how Henry McCullough’s quick thinking and bravery saved Paul McCartney from a potential tragedy.

McCartney’s Wings: A New Beginning and a Protective Ally

After parting ways with The Beatles, Paul McCartney embarked on a solo career and released two albums, “McCartney” and “Ram.” However, he felt the need to create a new band and assembled Wings, which included guitarist Denny Laine and drummer Denny Seiwell. Henry McCullough joined the band in 1972. His presence turned out to be crucial when a dangerous situation arose.

In an interview, Henry McCullough shared:

“I felt very protective of Paul because of his vulnerability. He needed a strong helping hand from whoever was around him.”

A Heroic Act: Defending McCartney from a Potential Killer

During Wings’ tour in Europe, a chilling encounter occurred in a club after one of their concerts. A young French fan approached McCartney and revealed he had a gun, intending to harm the ex-Beatle. In a brave act of protection, Henry McCullough took swift action. Armed with a knife, McCullough confronted the potential assassin and swiftly diffused the threat.

McCullough recalled the incident, stating:

“[It was] one of those incidents that happens a thousand times on a Saturday night in any given city.” He further emphasized his motivation for intervening, saying, “I felt very protective of Paul because of his vulnerability.”

From Heroism to Creative Differences: McCullough’s Departure from Wings

While McCullough’s intervention saved McCartney’s life, creative differences eventually led him to leave Wings shortly before they embarked on recording “Band on the Run” in Nigeria. Although he missed out on the band’s meteoric rise to success, McCullough continued his musical journey, collaborating with other notable artists.

McCullough’s time with Wings was short-lived, and he left the band before achieving their greatest success. Reflecting on his decision to part ways, McCullough mentioned:

“I always vowed never to do another Prince song, but I think coming from the world of reggae… that was really what got her to do ‘I Would Die 4 U.'”