How KISS May Have Introduced A New Era in Music Business

How KISS May Have Introduced A New Era in Music Business | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In the realm of rock music, change is inevitable, and recent discussions about the impending end of the old-school rock era have left many fans feeling a sense of loss. However, a tweet from Mitch Lafon has sparked a conversation about the potential for a new revolution in the rock sector. Could KISS, with their embrace of hologram concerts and the promise of a ‘new era,’ be the catalyst for a transformation that rejuvenates rock music?

As we navigate the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in our lives, it’s evident that this technological revolution has the power to reshape various industries.

The music world is no exception, and the integration of AI into rock music could be the key to its survival. KISS, often viewed as a profit-oriented group, has made headlines by announcing their intention to continue with hologram concerts after their farewell tour.

While hologram concerts are not entirely novel, what sets KISS apart is the potential influence of the AI revolution. The rock sector, facing the departure of iconic bands and artists due to age and other factors, is in need of a solution to meet the ongoing demand for live performances. Bands like Slayer, despite bids farewell, continue to generate discussions about comebacks, showcasing the enduring desire of fans to witness their favorite acts on stage.


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The challenge lies in the physical limitations of aging rock legends, who may find it increasingly difficult to meet the rigorous demands of touring.

The solution? Enter holograms, avatars, or whatever form AI can take. KISS’s decision to embrace hologram concerts, despite some controversy, may offer a potential solution to this conundrum.

One of the main drawbacks of hologram concerts is their predictability, with each show featuring the same predetermined elements. However, imagine if AI could intervene to eliminate monotony and introduce an element of spontaneity. Picture a stage filled with tens of thousands of AI-powered Gene Simmons avatars, each intricately familiar with his moves and mannerisms, capable of improvisation in real-time. The prospect is undeniably intriguing.

While some may be skeptical about the idea while iconic rock figures are still actively performing, the analogy of a desert surviving off a diminishing lake provides perspective.

As the availability of live performances from original rock legends diminishes, hologram concerts, especially those enhanced by AI, could become the source of sustenance for thirsty fans.

The ‘new era’ concept teased by KISS might just be the beginning of a transformative journey for rock music. As we face an evolving musical landscape, the marriage of hologram technology and artificial intelligence could be the innovative force needed to breathe new life into the genre. Only time will tell if KISS’s venture sparks a revolution that ensures the continued vibrancy of rock music.