Hodor From Game Of Thrones Jams With Megadeth

Hodor From Game Of Thrones Jams With Megadeth | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Game of Thrones – Metal Crossover!

DJ Kristian Nairn might be better known worldwide as the actor who played Hodor from HBO’s massively popular fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Outside the fictional realms of Winterfell and Westeros, however, Kristian Nairn is known as a progressive house DJ hailing from Belfast, Ireland. He actually used to be the resident DJ at a prominent gay club in Belfast called Kremlin. In 2014, Nairn went on tour around US and Australia and his tour was called “Rave of Thrones” under the moniker DJ Hodor.

At the 2018 Hellfest that was held in Clisson, France, Nairn had a very cool impromptu jamming session with Megadeth. Nairn is seen here in a video clip shared by Megadeth’s Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro with ripping it out on electric guitar with Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson. Loureiro captioned the footage: “Hodor! Hold the door! Holy wars! @kristiannairn. He’s an incredible guitarist.”

Nairn is playing the 1990 hit ‘Rust In Peace’ opener ‘Holy Wars… The Punishment Due’ with the Megadeth frontman and bassist.

The fan response for this crossover went massive as it was viewed over 1million times on social media and counting!

Aside from jamming backstage, Nairn also introduced Megadeth to the Hellfest 2018 crowd.

Nairn reposted Loureiro’s video of their awesome impromptu jam sesh on Instagram and added: “Sometimes I don’t know how things happen! My 14-year-old and 42-year-old self had a massive bucket list item checked off and got to play warm-up with Megadeth.”

“The band that started my journey. I don’t have the words. I just don’t. Thank you Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Kiko Loureiro and Dirk Verbeuren for being just a great bunch of humans.” Nairn adds.


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