Hear Joni Mitchell’s Incredible Isolated vocals for ‘River’

Hear Joni Mitchell’s Incredible Isolated vocals for ‘River’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via c sounds / Youtube

Joni Mitchell is a masterful composer who writes songs with a soulful message and an easy-to-understand context that will last for all of the time. “River,” Mitchell’s beautiful Christmas song, might be the easiest way for people to understand this mix of creative expression.

“River” is a song that pulls you in and sounds great. Not only is the song loved as a Christmas song, but the powerful vocals manage to hide the song’s somewhat sad message. What’s more; Mitchell’s vocals truly shined on this number, which is evident in the isolated vocals presented below.

In the song, the singer has a strong desire to break away from her emotional ties because it hurts too much to hear about a recent breakup. Even though Christmas is often a time for people to come together and spend time with each other, this can sometimes make us miss the people and moments we’ve lost. People think that Mitchell’s relationship with fellow musician Graham Nash gave rise to this classic track.

Listen to Mitchell’s voice below.