He Explains The Top 20 Electric Guitar Intros Of All Time

He Explains The Top 20 Electric Guitar Intros Of All Time | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Rick Beato / Youtube

The guitar is such an impressive instrument in that it can create music with a series of strings and a neck where you can position your fingers in different patterns and distances. It has evolved from various stringed instruments and continues to be one of the most popular and trusted musical instruments today.

For one, rock and roll wouldn’t be, well, rock and roll, if it weren’t for the electric guitar. It just added a certain kind of grit to the music, giving rock a dark, heavy quality that would be spun by the best artists around to make some of the greatest tunes in musical history. It may be safe to say that the electric guitar singlehandedly is the reason why rock music is the way it is, and one would be hard-pressed to find another instrument that could take its place entirely.

With that, here is rock veteran Youtuber Rick Beato dishing out his favorite rock tunes of all time, ranking them according to how awesome their electric guitar intros are. He even gives a small background on the song’s inception and plays a snippet of the intro for you to enjoy. Watch the video and tell us if you agree with the top selections!