Greta Van Fleet Says They Don’t Sound Like Led Zeppelin Anymore

Greta Van Fleet Says They Don’t Sound Like Led Zeppelin Anymore | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Greta Van Fleet interview - 93XRadio / Youtube

In the music industry, there is an endless stream of comparisons of artists that came and went with those that are still relevant in the scene. This is mostly the truth for newer rock bands that have surfaced in recent years, considering how rock music is continuously sinking back to obscurity against the more popular forms of music today.

One such band that has experienced this compare-a-thon is Greta Van Fleet, a hard rock band from Frankenmuth, Michigan. The band shows much promise in elevating the status of rock music in the new era, which was proven upon the release of their full-length debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, back in 2018, carrying chart-topping songs such as “When The Curtain Falls”. 

Their body of work made fans think of who their influences were, as the Led Zeppelin sound was clearly present in these songs. The daunting task ahead of Greta Van Fleet was to show that they only took the titanic rock band who ruled the seventies as inspirations and not as their successors. Luckily, the release of their upcoming album, The Battle at Garden’s Gate, will show the world that they aren’t merely Led Zeppelin copycats, as stressed by lead vocalist Josh Kiszka.

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