Grandma Sings “Hey Jude” To Her Chihuahua

Grandma Sings “Hey Jude” To Her Chihuahua | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Malinda Hernan sings Hey Jude to her special friend - Malinda Herman Official / Youtube

You know what they say about music uniting people in times of hopelessness and discord, right? But in this recent viral hit on Youtube, it seems that the influence branches out to the animal kingdom as well. The 1968 hit by The Beatles, “Hey Jude”, has recently found a new purpose, when a Youtuber by the name of Malinda Herman posted a video of her singing the rock classic. But it’s not just any cover video plugging up valuable cloud storage, as she sings it for a special friend.

Malinda Herman did a cover of the song in her room, a simple home setting that was coupled with a cellphone camera setup. But we’re not here for the recording quality and conditions. Armed with her acoustic guitar, Herman gently croons the Beatle classic to her own best friend, an adorable chihuahua. The chihuahua perched its front paws on her guitar’s neck, sitting and listening intently as she went on through with the song.

Anyway, let’s end it here and have you witness the real thing instead. Get ready for a cuteness overload by clicking on the video below!