Gene Simmons’ Bizarre Fox News Visit Earns Him The Ultimate Punishment

Gene Simmons’ Bizarre Fox News Visit Earns Him The Ultimate Punishment | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Chad Buchanan / GC Images / Getty Images

Gene Simmons Misbehaves At Fox News

After years of being as unfiltered as any rockstar could possibly be, Gene Simmons has finally done it: the 68-year-old rock legend has earned himself a lifetime ban from one of America’s biggest news networks.

Simmons, who appeared on Fox News earlier this week to tape interviews and appearances in support of his new book On Power, was smacked with a permanent, lifetime ban for what the network is calling “crude behavior toward employees” once taping wrapped.

According to sources close to the situation, Simmons barged into a staff meeting uninvited, shouting “Hey chicks, sue me!” while tearing his shirt open and exposing his chest and stomach. He went on to “tell Michael Jackson pedophilia jokes” and “bopped two employees on the head with his book” before making jokes about their intelligence based on the noise made when the books struck their heads. Simmons’ behavior was immediately reported to a supervisor who HR executive Kevin Lord, earning himself a permanent ban from the building and all Fox News or Fox Business Network programming.

Try as we might, we can’t make this stuff up. Gene and his representatives have yet to respond publicly, though a Fox News spokesperson has confirmed The Daily Beast’s account. Something tells us that when Gene does respond, though, it’s going to be everything we imagined and more.