Funk Biggest Winner, Rap Biggest Loser At Grammys

Funk Biggest Winner, Rap Biggest Loser At Grammys | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Did You See This Coming?

Bruno Mars bagged several awards during the 60th Grammy Awards including the top prize – Album of the Year and also Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best R&B Performance, Best R&B Song and Best R&B Album. It was a big night for Mars because his live performance with Cardi B didn’t disappoint as usual.

He accepted the awards with grace, even thanking his rivals:

“These songs were written with nothing but joy, with love, and that’s all I wanted to bring with this album, seeing everybody dancing. Thank you, guys, for blessing the world with your music.” – Bruno Mars

He bested innovative rapper Kendrick Lamar who everyone thought would win. And Jay Z, who bared his soul in his controversial “4:44” album also didn’t win anything. But hey, he gets to go home with Beyonce so we don’t think he’s the biggest loser here.

Still, Bruno Mars’ win wasn’t exactly a huge surprise which according to The Rolling Stone magazine’s Rob Sheffield was “part of the grand Grammy tradition” if you know what he means.