Former Journey Bassist Ross Valory Release New Single “Wild Kingdom”

Former Journey Bassist Ross Valory Release New Single “Wild Kingdom” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Ross Valory, known for his exceptional skills as a bass guitarist and a founding member of the chart-topping band JOURNEY, has recently released the official music video for his latest single “Wild Kingdom”. This track serves as the second single from Valory’s upcoming debut solo album, “All Of The Above”, set for release on March 1 via OID Music.

In Valory’s own words, he describes “Wild Kingdom” as a prime example of the diverse range of songs featured on his inaugural album. He reveals that the creation of this piece dates back to the mid-’80s when he initially composed it on a Calliope keyboard patch. The song evolved further, with Valory collaborating with Karl Perazzo, the talented percussionist from SANTANA, in 2012 to refine the arrangement. Valory reminisces that “Wild Kingdom” marked his initial exploration into recording with genuine Latin rhythms and marked the beginning of his collaboration with keyboardist Eric Levy.

Through his musical journey, Valory had accumulated various pieces of music that he had composed over time. While his songwriting contributions to JOURNEY diminished after the band’s first three “experimental” albums, Valory remained dedicated to shaping the band’s rhythm section and lending his baritone vocals to the harmonious blend.

Following JOURNEY’s revival with the 1995 album “Trial By Fire”, Valory revisited his musical archives, revisiting old notes and refining incomplete ideas. In the midst of tours, he assembled a close-knit team of collaborators and meticulously worked towards completing his projects. After dedicating a lifetime to music, Valory meticulously crafted “All Of The Above”, serving as both the album’s producer and co-producer alongside Jacob Stowe and Eric Levy.


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A Journey Into Musical Experimentation

Valory established a strong line-up of musicians over the years, cultivating a group that congregated at his studio. Treating each song as a unique project, he experimented with varied arrangements performed by a diverse array of musicians. Spending extensive time exploring these musical concepts, the pieces gradually took form. Valory embraced a process of trial and error, continuously refining the music until it met his utmost satisfaction. He meticulously assigned specific musicians to crafted parts, transforming his studio into a creative hub for musical experimentation.

The Artistry of “All Of The Above”

From the dynamic Latin influences of “Wild Kingdom” to the poignant melody of “No One Wins A War”, the lively energy of “Low Rider”, and the radiant homage to SANTANA’s “Incident Of Neshabur”, the album showcases an evolved artist at the peak of his creative prowess. Enlisting guest musicians such as Gregg Errico from SLY & THE FAMILY STONE, acclaimed drummer Steve Smith, and saxophonist Marc Russo, Valory presents a collection of nine tracks that reflect the culmination of his musical talents. Valory’s versatility shines through as he effortlessly transitions between keyboards, guitar, and an array of bass guitars, highlighting a spectrum of musical influences that extend beyond his work with JOURNEY. Delving into uncharted territories, he steps forward to present his unique vision and compositions, marking a significant milestone in his extensive music career.

Ross Valory reflects on his artistic journey, stating, “‘I have been revisiting material that has been accumulating, and I am sharing some of my favorite songs for the first time!'”

Valory’s departure from JOURNEY in 2020 opened a new chapter in his musical odyssey. With the band members reaching an amicable resolution, Valory harbors no regrets as he reminisces on his remarkable tenure with JOURNEY, acknowledging the extraordinary success achieved throughout their revered career.

“All Of The Above” Track Listing

1. Wild Kingdom
2. Nightflower
3. Tomland
4. Touched, Part II
5. Windmill
6. Incident At Neshabur
7. Low Rider
8. No One Wins A War

As Ross Valory embarks on an exciting new solo endeavor with the release of “All Of The Above”, he invites listeners on a musical voyage that embodies his artistic evolution. With a rich tapestry of genres and influences woven into every track, Valory’s debut solo album promises to be a captivating exploration of his boundless creativity and musical ingenuity.