Famous Musicians Who Dislike Ozzy Osbourne

Famous Musicians Who Dislike Ozzy Osbourne | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ozzy in an interview for Ordinary Man album - Beats 1 / Youtube

Ozzy Osbourne. The name itself conjures images of headbanging concerts, dark lyrics, and a whole lot of rock and roll rebellion. From his iconic days with Black Sabbath to his enduring solo career, Ozzy has cemented his place as a legend in heavy metal.

But beneath the dark stage persona lies a complex individual whose path to the top hasn’t always been smooth.

Despite his undeniable talent and larger-than-life presence, Ozzy’s career has been peppered with controversy.  His wild antics and no-nonsense attitude have apparently ruffled feathers along the way, creating a surprising number of enemies in the music industry. 

This list dives into the stories of some famous musicians who, for one reason or another, haven’t exactly been fans of the “Prince of Darkness”.

Ronnie James Dio

Black Sabbath needed a new frontman after Ozzy’s departure in 1979. Stepping into the role was Ronnie James Dio, a powerhouse vocalist already established in bands like Elf and Rainbow. Dio’s era with Black Sabbath included the acclaimed albums Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules. However, tension simmered due to Ozzy’s comments.

Dio took particular offense to Ozzy’s criticisms of guitarist Tony Iommi. He publicly dismissed Ozzy’s claims about songwriting, stating, “Replying to them, to the things that Ozzy has said, to me is like dueling with an unarmed man… I find the man to be stupid, devoid of intelligence.”

Dio’s comments went further, questioning Ozzy’s musical ability. “I doubt very much that Ozzy could carry a tune if you put a radio in a suitcase and gave it to him in his hand,” the iconic frontman said.

Kanye West

Kanye West caused a stir in 2024 when he attempted to sample a Black Sabbath song, performed by Ozzy, for his album Vultures 1. Osbourne, however, refused permission due to West’s history of antisemitic comments. This denial stemmed from West’s October 2022 tweet threatening Jewish people, which led to significant backlash against him.

Undeterred, West used the sample anyway at a listening party for Vultures 1. When Osbourne publicly called him out, West retaliated on Instagram. He posted a photo of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne dressed as him and his wife for Halloween, suggesting Ozzy secretly liked him.

West implied Osbourne’s refusal was a publicity stunt by a “celebrity handler”. Ultimately, West removed the sample before the official album release.

Bill Ward

Black Sabbath’s 2012 reunion was missing a key piece: drummer Bill Ward. Ward refused to join, citing both unfair financial terms and personal animosity towards Ozzy.

Ward elaborated on his feelings towards Ozzy in 2016, stating that “inaccurate statements” made by Osbourne had caused a deep emotional rift. While details remained unclear, Ozzy did publicly criticize Ward’s physical fitness in 2013, suggesting he wouldn’t have been able to handle the reunion tour.

By 2017, the relationship remained fractured. Despite the regret of losing Ozzy’s friendship, Ward held firm in his decision to stay out of the reunion.

Don Arden

Don Arden, the original manager of Black Sabbath, tried to manage Ozzy’s solo career after the frontman left the band in 1979. However, Sharon Arden, Don’s daughter and employee, ended up managing Ozzy instead, as they married in 1982, the same year Black Sabbath severed ties with Don.

This led to a bitter falling out. In 1985, Don sued Ozzy, claiming Ozzy spread lies about him mishandling Black Sabbath’s finances. The lawsuit also accused the Osbournes of urging Black Sabbath to take a hiatus to limit Don’s earnings.

Despite the lawsuit, Don surprisingly defended Ozzy in 1986. During a talk show discussion on the influence of rock lyrics, Don downplayed the impact of Ozzy’s song “Suicide Solution” in a teenager’s suicide, suggesting Ozzy barely understood the lyrics himself.

Bob Daisley

Bob Daisley joined Ozzy’s solo band after his departure from Black Sabbath. He played a significant role on Ozzy’s first two albums, Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman, contributing bass lines, co-writing most of the songs, and even helping with production. However, Daisley was eventually fired, and a long legal battle for proper credit and compensation began.

Daisley’s first victory came in 1986 when he secured songwriting credits for his work on the albums.  This entitled him to royalties for future sales. However, the fight continued. In 2002, Daisley sued again after Ozzy re-released the albums with a different bassist, effectively erasing Daisley’s contributions.

The legal wrangling wasn’t over. In 2016, Daisley filed another lawsuit claiming he wasn’t properly paid royalties for the iconic song “Crazy Train”, one of the tracks he co-wrote.

Justin Hawkins

Justin Hawkins, the flamboyant frontman of rock band The Darkness, has had two less-than-thrilling encounters with Ozzy Osbourne.

The first came in 2018 at the Sweden Rock Festival. Both bands were headliners, but Hawkins took to social media to express his frustration with the backstage atmosphere. Apparently, Ozzy’s arrival meant a complete lockdown, with no one allowed to leave their dressing rooms to avoid bothering “the main attraction”. This lack of interaction left a bad taste in Hawkins’ mouth.

This wasn’t the first time Hawkins felt snubbed by Osbourne. He recalled an earlier opportunity for The Darkness to interview Ozzy for Metal Hammer magazine. However, the bizarre detail of being blindfolded during transport to the interview location made Hawkins suspicious, and he ultimately declined the offer.